Protect Wine Glasses Properly When Moving

Get All the Necessary Packing Materials for The Move

You can do the packing for moving yourself, or you can ask for the service of a moving agency. If you decide to pack your belongings yourself, you need to know how to properly protect your wine glasses during the move. Experienced advice from moving companies London Ontario can help you with this.

Wine glasses are specific because they are generally made of very thin glass and have long stems. That is why they must be specially protected because even the slightest irregular movement can break them. Before you start packing, get all the materials you need. You will need cardboard boxes that have corrugated cardboard partitions, then you will need foam bags or special packing paper and tapes.

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You must wrap each glass in packing paper or foam bags and tape them well. This is necessary so that the glass cannot come into contact with any other glass. After you have protected each glass well, slowly place them in cardboard boxes that have corrugated cardboard dividers. This will further prevent them from moving during loading and transport. Your glasses will not be able to move out of their holder and will remain intact during your move. Be sure to write on the box what is in it, so that those boxes can be packed at the end.

If you want to pack your own wine glasses when moving, check out some other tips recommended by moving companies London Ontario. Any advice will be of great help, as each of your glasses will remain completely undamaged during the move.